QC Solar Smarttrack04|New Generation of MLPE Rapid Shutdown Devices

Column:Company News Time:2024-01-22

    In the PV power station system, the PV system voltage can accumulate up to 1500 V high voltage due to the characteristics of multiple PV modules that must be used in series. If the PV system fails, it may cause a fire, if firefighters rescue, because the connected PV modules can not be disconnected, there will be a high PV system voltage, which may cause the risk of electric shock, posing a threat to the personal safety of firefighters. The National Electrical Code (NEC) proposed the concept of rapid shutdown. New rooftop PV installations in the United States are required to have a rapid shutdown function. Domestically, relevant safety standards for rapid shutdown have also been gradually introduced to promote the safe and orderly development of PV power stations.


MLPE Solutions

    QC Solar launches Smarttrack04, a new generation of MLPE Rapid Shutdown Devices that comply with CSA C22.2 No. 330 and UL1741. In the event of an emergency or maintenance, this device can quickly reduce the system voltage to a safe level within 30 seconds, quickly reducing the voltage of each connected PV module. This eliminates the dangerous DC high voltage present in the PV system and reduces the risk of electric shock.

Smarttrack04, a new generation of MLPE Rapid Shutdown, which is small in size, flexible and easy to use, and support factory pre-installation of PV modules.

01. SMOJ (preinstallation of PV modules) solutions

Fixed base, providing further convenient installation, can be adapted to any PV modules production line, to realize the PV modules factory preinstallation, without affecting the existing PV modules all the test procedures (IV, EL, etc.). It does not change the on-site construction and installation habits and saves the construction cost of traditional metal clips installation. Fast dismantling during the whole life cycle.

02 Bezel Snap Solution


Snap-on mounting directly to the PV modules frame, suitable for EPC installation.


Manufactured with quality in mind

Smarttrack04 uses low-temperature rise and high-temperature-resistant power semiconductor devices to ensure long-term stable operation in extreme environments, supports the full voltage range, does not derate, and supports 1.25 times current redundancy, provides 20A/25A for customers to choose, and can be widely used in residential roofs and industrial and commercial roofs.

Currently, the new generation of MLPE Rapid Shutdown Devices Smarttrack04 independently developed by QC Solar has obtained international authoritative certifications such as CSA and conforms to UL 1741. CSA C22.2 No. 330 and NEC-2017/NEC-2020/NEC-2023 electrical safety and regulatory standards, and complies with the Sunspec communication protocol. Provide more protection for household and commercial photovoltaic field.