Gathering strength • Ready to go - Suzhou QC Solar 2023 Annual meeting ceremony was held!

Column:Company News Time:2024-01-30

On January 27,2024, in Suzhou Taihu Xiangshan International Hotel, the staff of QC Solar gathered together to hold the annual summary conference, commendation ceremony and New Year dinner. In the past year, we have grown together through thick and thin and achieved fruitful results. In the future, we will work together to create new achievements!

 Annual summary, looking forward to the future

 At 1:30 PM, our annual meeting was officially kicked off. First, the heads of each department comprehensively review the work of the past year, showing the employees the achievements and progress that their team has made in the past year. It also lists the completion of key projects, changes in market conditions, and challenges facing the department, but also shares the opportunities and development directions arising from these challenges. Then, the leaders elaborated on the work plan for 2024.They combine market dynamics and corporate strategy to come up with clear goals and implementation plans..

 Next, the representatives of the outstanding employees of QC Solar spoke, and they shared the challenges encountered in the work in the past year, the efforts paid and the results achieved. Grateful for the support of the team and the training of the company, but also full of expectations for the future development. And said that they will continue to maintain a positive attitude, constantly improve their ability and performance, and contribute more strength to the development of the company.

In 2024, we will work together with greater enthusiasm and conviction to meet every challenge and seize every opportunity. I believe that with the joint efforts of all staff, we will be able to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Gather the light of the model, show the outstanding appearance

Time pays off to those who wish it, and history bears witness to courageous action. At QC Solar, we always believe that excellent talents and teams are the cornerstone of the company's development. We bring together a group of industry leaders who work together with professionalism and passion to create outstanding products and services. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, QC Solar will be able to create a more brilliant performance. Let us walk hand in hand, gather the light of the model, show the appearance of excellence

Lucky draw, style small game

At the dinner, a variety of prizes and wonderful interactive games will push the atmosphere of the party to the peak!

Huawei mobile phone, Huawei tablet, large HD TV, Chanel perfume, SKII Fairy water set, Dior limited lipstick... .. This exciting moment, and see who the lucky one will spend!


Gather together to share the feast

In this night full of songs and laughter, QC Solar to each side of the partner to express the most sincere respect. It is your efforts and efforts that have cast a brilliant chapter in the history of QC Solar. In the company of food and wine, we share the bits of work, aftertaste the warmth of life. Whether it is the wonderful performance on the stage, the honor moment on the award stage, or the surprise lottery link, it makes the atmosphere of the night climax one after another. Let's celebrate every brilliant moment together and work together to create a better future!